Bookworms abound on Holland College Campus

By Maddie Keenlyside
Sept. 12, 2014

It’s September and students and staff alike are hitting the books. But many have been nose-deep in books all along.
Shaniya Butler, a Child and Youth Care student at Holland College in Charlottetown, says she picks up a lot of books and doesn’t have time to read them all.
“Right now I’m reading God Loves You, more of an information book, and Right Where I Belong, about a Spanish girl sent away from her home. I’m enjoying them both.”
Dale Knowles, a fellow student, said he loves any fiction. He just finished reading The Hunger Games and loved it.
“And Oliver Nocturne, about teenage vampires. I used to write small stories myself, back home in the Bahamas.”
Sam Hunter has stacks of books lying around. He’s reading The Sister’s Brothers by Patrick Dewitt.
“It’s really good, a Western about two Old West hitmen and their adventure across the Western states, and I recommend it. I have stacks of books lying around.”
But a love for reading is not limited to students.
Librarian Patricia Doucette said she’s reading a book called The Pearl That Broke Its Shell, by Nadia Hashimi.
“It’s about two Afghan women of the same family in two different generations. They both live part of their lives as men. I’m enjoying it.”
However some, like staff member Chris Arsenault, prefer other styles of writing.
“I’m the Computer Network Technology learning manager, and mostly read science and technical journals, and other online publications.”
Though he loves to read, he doesn’t read much fiction, he said.