Charlottetown seeks power to govern the use of cosmetic pesticides

By Mitchell Peters
Sept. 12, 2014

As fall lawn spraying season approaches former green party leader Sharon Labchuk shakes her head at P.E.I.’s current regulations on pesticides.
The whole situation is ironic. “P.E.I. were the first citizens in Canada to educate on cosmetic pesticide use,” said Labchuk.
The current system is modeled after New Brunswick’s, which according to Labchuk is among the worst in the country. “We could have just picked up Ontario’s (legislation), but instead the province went with New Brunswick’s, the worst in the country. P.E.I. banned a bunch of organic pesticides include a popular alternative corn glutton, and chose to ban only one chemical,” said Labchuk
There is light at the end of the tunnel however as many are suggesting the Charlottetown’s mayor Clifford Lee is turning green.
Labchuk says more and more are becoming interested in going green. “There is a bit of a revival going on over the last couple years.”
The mayor was unavailable for contact at the time, but Coun. David MacDonald said he has a “personal feeling that the province will allow the request. The City’s been involved for quite some time. The city issued a study in 2009 on pesticides while working with the province to find the best resolution or approach to pesticide use,” said MacDonald.
Coun. Edward Rice seems to agree. “I think it’ll be looked at. I was surprised we needed permission from the province to do such a thing.”
MacDonald also reminded, there are other possibilities, and that the mayor asking permission to amend is only the first step of a three step process, he said.
For one thing the province may decide to grant the council full control, or they may amend the rules and allow the council to restrict only residential areas or it may chose to deal with it as a provincial issue.