Worried about the coming flu season and want the shot, see the pharmacist

By Kayla Fraser
Sept. 14, 2014

New legislation coming into affect this fall on P.E.I will allow pharmacists to administer flu shots, other immunizations and write prescriptions for minor illnesses.
Connie MacNeil, senior communications officer for the Department of Health and Wellness said, this came from a change in the legislature under the Pharmacy Act.
“Pharmacists will have to follow the regulations under the Public Health Act, same as doctors.”
Neila Auld, registrar for the Prince Edward Island Pharmacy Board, said the changes have been in the works for a long time.
“All of this will negate you having to either emergency, to walk-in clinics, to your physician.”
Pharmacies will have separate exam rooms for people to discuss their health issues privately.
“It makes it more accessible to the people,” Auld said.
The government was expected in September to give final approval within two weeks.
MacNeil said the government provides the flu shots to pharmacies across P.E.I. There, the staff decides how to administer the shots.
“Pharmacists will decide how to administer the shots and to whom.”
Since the pharmacy will decide on the administration, they may also charge service fees for the shots, she said.
“However, people at higher risk of illness don’t have to pay the fee.”