Money stolen by hacker, Charter’s not alone when it comes to internet theft

By James Ferguson
Sept. 10, 2014

Andrew Charter of Charlottetown knows what it’s like to be hacked.
Someone got into Charter’s computer, stole $200 from his PayPal account and corrupted some of his files.
It’s a common problem for computer users.
Luckily, Charter understands how a computer works from taking classes in computer design.
He was able to find the virus and dispose of it before if could get deeper in his computer, but the damage was done, Charter said.
“My computer is messed beyond my abilities.”
To try to fix the router or salvage even the seemingly untouched files, he’d be risking another meltdown of the computer, Charter said.
“My best bet would be to replace the whole thing. For now, I’m just glad it didn’t move to any other computer in the house.”
As the Internet evolves, so has the ability of criminals to steal from unsuspecting people.
Either it’s through decoding a password from a credit card, or posing as a prince from Nigeria who needs help with donations. There will always be a plan to fool a victim.
Hacking is easy, as easy as Googling it. Literally, there are pages where a person can purchase hacks, though the chances that person is getting their computer hacked is very high.
Some hackers have gone as far as posing as the RCMP, demanding a person to pay them through Paypal or they would come to the house in the next three days.
The way the hack works is when someone tries to turn off their computer and get rid of the message, it puts the virus in its best position.
The virus infects more and more files on the computer the longer the computer is off. It can take weeks, even months to clean out the virus.
Travis Acton of Charlottetown has been studying hacking and computer design.
Hackers will usually have a couple things on their mind, he said. Either fun, or stealing and disruption.
“There are attempts from hackers to corrupt computers or network systems for personal pride, just so they can prove to someone else they could do it.”
These are people who probably just do it to fit in, but there are people in the online world just to cause chaos, Acton said.
“There are online groups, for example LulzSec, who hack into major corporations to steal and deface the company. They’re the group who hacked and stole thousands of user accounts from Sony in 2011.”
“Fortunately, the group was caught and were charged for their crimes, proving any hacker can be caught. It just takes time.”