ECMA Music Week – Up close with The Town Heroes

Holland College journalism student spoke with The Town Heroes Thursday night after their ECMA win for Rising Star of the Year at the Rodd Charlottetown.

You guys just won Rising Star of the Year, how do you feel?

Bruce Gillis: “It’s pretty amazing. I haven’t won anything since about Grade 2.

Mike Ryan: “Ecstatic, it’s incredible. The muscles in my face are sore from smiling. We’re pretty pumped.”

Is this your first year at the ECMAs?

MR: “It’s the first year we’ve been nominated for anything. We’re one for one right now. We’re pretty happy.”

Are you nominated for anything else?

BG: “We’re nominated for Rock Recording of the Year and Fan Choice Video of the Year and we have no expectations, nor for this, and we won, so it’s like anything can happen, and we’re pumped.”

Have you gone to any of the other showcases?

MR: “We just got here today, we played a set earlier today. We didn’t have a lot of time to get around. We just kind of caught some of the acts at this showcase and we’re excited for the next two days to catch as many acts as we can. Some of our best friends are here, so we’ll catch them. We’ll catch some new bands. It’s just such a good gathering of all the people we care for and like, so this is one weekend we’re all in the same spot. A lot of the other times we’re touring here and there, so this brings us all together, so it’s a lot of unity here.”

Is there any artist you’re really looking forward to seeing?

BR: “It’s hard to narrow down. Paper Lions are up for a lot and I’ve never seen them live, so I’m looking forward to seeing them. Tom Fun, The Motorleague from New Brunswick, they’re exceptional artists that we really can’t wait to see. It doesn’t matter what venue you hit up, we’re pumped to see whoever, especially friends.”