ECMA Music Week – Up close with Kim Wempe

Holland College journalism student Jillian Trainor spoke with Nova Scotia artist Kim Wempe after her set Thursday night at the Globe.

How was the performance?

K.W.: “It was loud. It was awesome. There was a crazy energy. I don’t get to play with a full band very often, so that was crazy. It was just such a packed house and people just had crazy energy. The band was crazy, it was very, very, fun.”

What did you think of the crowd?

K.W: “I thought they were out to have a frigging good time. They were out to have a beer and listen to some pumped up music. They had a blast. I feel like the crowd really loved it. They wanted to dance, they wanted to sing along, they were in it, so it was awesome.”

What’s it like being back in Charlottetown?

K.W.: “It’s good to be back in Charlottetown for the ECMAs because you can kind of walk to every venue, which is awesome. You guys have a lot more snow than in 2011.”

Other artists have said Charlottetown is a really good city to host the ECMAs. Why do you think that is?

K.W.: “I think it’s just a good vibe because, literally, you can walk everywhere, because parking is hard, so you have to. The thing is all the venues are close, so it really makes sense to have it here. It’s just nice to see everyone walking around and all the restaurants are really close together. You don’t have to leave the downtown core too much, which is really great when it comes to the ECMAs. You don’t want to have to drive all over the place, because that’s a pain.”

You’re nominated for a couple of awards this year. What are they?

K.W.: “Pop Recording of the Year and Fan’s Video Choice of the Year.”

Are you excited?

K.W.: “It’s pretty crazy. I’m up against Classified’s Inner Ninja, which has, like, millions of YouTube hits, but it’s always cool to be nominated. It was really fun doing the video. And Pop Recording of the Year; genres are always really hard for me. There’s not really a genre that you fit in sometimes. I’m kind of a mix between pop, blues and roots. Pop is what makes sense, so we’ll go with that and I got nominated, so that’s really cool.”

Is there anything you’re looking forward to this week?

K.W.: “Catching up with friends because we’re always on tour and we never get to see each other. Really looking forward to seeing friends I haven’t seen in an entire year after touring, so just hanging out, having fun, watching music, walking around and checking out music.”

Will you be watching any of the other performers this week?

K.W.: “I haven’t really looked yet. I kind of want to go with the flow. I know I’m checking the Songwriter’s Circle on Sunday, and I’m going to catch Tim Chaisson and Andy Brown because they’re my good friends; Chris Kirby because he’s a good friend, Gabrielle Papillion, Ria Mae and more. I’m just trying to catch whatever I can.”