Need a music venue? Proceed to the basement

By James Ferguson
March 24, 2014

When the music is there, heart is very close behind. But to find a venue in Charlottetown can be very difficult.
So what’s the best thing to do? Some performers are deciding to make do with what they have – using their own home as a venue.
To many people, the basement has always been a great source for ideas, from storage, sleeping quarters, even a bar.
Only true minds, though, use their basement as perfect areas for music shows.
The Charlottetown community has been generous with providing musical venues to bands but certain genres don’t have the luxury of a decent venue to play their music.
Walker MacDonald said they need more house shows to happen because having basement shows makes the experience more personal. He said the owner of the house is actually willing to give a handful of bands and a big group of people their house and have fun in it.
“It strengthens our community and builds friendships among the bands and the fans and the excitement is over the top and the professionalism goes a lot more farther.”
Matt Sheidow, guitarist of the extreme punk band Acousma, said being in a band of a certain genre means the ability to have a chance in being in any venue is slim but when someone in the community gives them a house to play in, there’s just a feeling of acceptance.
“The music scene has always been kind to the band and every other band on the Island.”
They are very fortunate to have such nice and giving people around here, he said.
“It gives us the feeling of giving it all during our performances as a way to show our gratitude.”