Islanders shrug off storm

By James Ferguson
March 31, 2014

Thursday’s Nor’Easter was just another day of bipolar weather in P.E.I.
The massive storm could cause other provinces or states to seek aid but not P.E.I.
The storm closed down schools and many homes on the Island didn’t have power for a couple of days but everything went back to normal quickly.
After the storm, there were a couple problems.
The plows weren’t able to get to the roads right away, so the roads did end up a snowy mess for a while but it all was cleaned up in the end.
Brad Howatt said it was really cold during the storm.
“The wind was ungodly. It blew my garbage bin to who knows where and from the snow, I’m sure it’ll be buried until late spring,” he said.
“I’m just glad no trees collapsed on my house and I’m even more glad no one got seriously hurt from the storm.”
Chance Trainor said the storm tried to do its worse but the Island won.
“We made it through the storm and I’m not surprised at all,” he said. “We’ve had storms like this and we were prepared like usual.”