Islanders seek ways to make it through powerful storm

By James Ferguson
March 25, 2014

P.E.I. is going to be hit by a monstrous Nor’Easter on Wednesday and locals are preparing for the worst.
It’s not the first time P.E.I. has been hit by such a powerful storm. In 2004, there was a snowstorm called White Juan with the same amount of snow and the same high winds and it’s very concerning to locals.
The Office of Public Safety of P.E.I. has released a report for Islanders to take extra precautions for the oncoming storm.
There is a high risk for the storm to close schools on Wednesday and even Thursday. The storm starts on Tuesday night and hopefully ends early Friday.
Sam Wood, a cashier at Sobey’s on University Avenue in Charlottetown, said she is very worried about the possibilities about not being able to make it home after work.
“The snowplows don’t usually start until the morning and I work till midnight (on Tuesday),” she said. “I hope I will have some place to crash if I can’t make it home.”
Chris Watts said he is busy preparing for the storm, either by stocking up on food or grabbing items for his own entertainment.
“I live a bit out of town and being stranded out in the middle of nowhere can mean I’m screwed,” he said. “I’m making sure I’m more prepared than ever for this storm from hell.”