Island-wide ban on feeding foxes proposed at city council meeting

By James Ferguson
Mar. 11, 2014

City council may raise the fine for feeding foxes or completely ban the act after a city council meeting on Monday.
As P.E.I.’s largest city, (population 34,562) Charlottetown deals with many different challenges, and one is the need to stop people from feeding foxes.
During the council meeting, Coun. David MacDonald said the city must reach out to the provincial government to support increased fines for those feeding foxes and a ban for feeding the animals across the province.
For many people in Charlottetown, the foxes are a danger to their small pets and they fear for their own safety.
MacDonald said it is no longer unusual to see wild foxes around Charlottetown but the complaints seem to be centred on the dozen that are hanging around properties towards suppertime because people are feeding them.
“The city plans on approaching the provincial government to see if there is an appetite to enact legislation calling for a province wide ban. It’s the right thing to do, to protect the foxes, residents and house pets.”
Katherine Mourad said she supports the plan to raise the fines.
“Foxes need to learn to fend for themselves and find food the hard way. To feed foxes means that you’re giving the animals an easy way to survive but in the end, you’re killing the animals in the process. These animals will continue to go to the same spot for food and won’t stop.”