Happy quotes from happy folks

By James Ferguson
March 6, 2014

Calvary Church and its billboard quotes will always bring a smile to passersby.
Most Islanders have at least heard of this church and of its billboard. Driving by the building and seeing one of the many quotes can lighten anyone’s day or can make you think about life in a different perspective.
The current quote is Happiness is an Inside Job, and everyday, whether if it’s heading off to work or coming home from a busy day, a reasonable number of people will see this quote and hopefully it will make someone’s day.
Lilla Jenkins, the administrative assistant of Calvary Church, said they have two or three men at the church who post the message. Sometimes it’s the pastor, janitor or one of the parishioners who is a college student.
“We do a search online for church signs and sometimes Pastor Taylor will create one.”
She said they want to give an inspirational message that is not preachy but will inspire and encourage faith.
“We have people say they drive by this corner just to read our sign, others have called to say how much they enjoy reading it or you meet someone in a store that will say they are always reading our sign.”
Betty Ferguson, who drives by the sign every day going to work, said sometimes when she’s sitting at the intersection waiting for the street light to turn green, she can’t help but look and see what is written on the reader. The quotes are so powerful in so few words; it makes one realize how amazing and awesome life is.
“Several times I have gone out of my way, especially when I’m having an off day, I sometimes need to reflect and be reminded of the power of God and how special life really is, and to enjoy and celebrate everyday. I often share the quotes with my family and friends, especially if I need and if they need a gentle reminder of ‘life is good.’”
Nancy Cameron, another passerby, said when she drives past the billboard, she always feels God is sending her a personal message.
“I actually have found myself going that way for no apparent reason as it really isn’t a route I would normally take. When I do venture past and see the sign, I always know who guided me in that direction.”