NFU seeks more science information on high capacity wells

By Melora McInnis
March 7, 2014

Not enough studies have been conducted on the P.E.I.’s water wells, say representatives of the National Farmers Union.
Edith Ling and Steven Mackinnon from NFU made the comment during the standing committee on agriculture, environment, energy and forestry meeting March 6. The NFU has concerns about high capacity water wells on P.E.I. There is a moratorium on the wells in the province.
Not enough science is being presented on the water systems, the union representatives said.
The NFU sent a letter to those who conducted the study on the wells and received little information in return, they said.
“The committee as a whole has sent a letter to them to provide as much information as they can,” said Ling.
The public’s concern and attendance during the debate on high capacity wells has been significant.
“There is the need for wide-range community involvement.”
Steven Mackinnon, local vice president of the P.E.I. Farmers Union, said the wells on the Island have been tested three times since 2006.
The studies conducted on the wells were reported to have lasted around 72 hours and should be studied over a period of years, he said.
The water problems are the same as they were in 2002, maybe worse, said Mackinnon.
In 2007 water was tested for the third time. How much time they spent on studying the water was not reported, said Mackinnon.
“We have more questions than answers.”