Feeding foxes may become illegal

By James Kelly
March 11, 2014

Feeding foxes may become illegal in Charlottetown.
The issue was addressed at a city council meeting March 10 at city hall.
Councillor David MacDonald brought up the issue.
“There have been numerous complaints about foxes being a nuisance. People have been seen feeding them. The national park has implemented a fine for whomever feeds the foxes.”
MacDonald will contact the provincial fish and wildlife branch in attempt to deal with the issue.
“We hopefully can find a way to deal with this and settle it easily with the fish and wildlife division.”
Taylor Hicks from Halifax, Nova Scotia, comes to P.E.I. just about every year. She noticed in the past year the fox numbers seem to have increased.
When she came to the island in December, she saw two foxes over a period of three days in Charlottetown.
She loves foxes, but they almost caused her to crash her car one day, Hicks said, during a phone interview.
“I was just entering a Charlottetown residential area when the fox dashed straight in front of me. I didn’t want to hit it, so I swerved. I almost crashed.”
Hicks was not injured, but she said there needs to be something done.