Bluefield takes bronze in P.E.I. provincial basketball championship

By James Kelly
March 4, 2014

The Bluefield Bobcats women’s team took home bronze in the medal game winning 69-52 against the Charlottetown Rural Raiders on March 4 at the Holland College Centre for Community Engagement.
The game was close throughou, but Bluefield stayed in the lead.
Darryl Boudreau, coach of the Bluefield Bobcats said he spent a long time preparing the girls for this championship.
“Basketball is a marathon, not a sprint. There is so much that goes into the training and preparing, and I feel I had to challenge the girls in order to improve their skills to win this championship.”
Bluefield played the Raiders once before this game and lost. The team had to work on their turnovers, Boudreau said.
“We had a lot of turnovers during the first game we played against Charlottetown Rural, but in this game we had very little.”
Abbey Hurley, of the Raiders said her team tried hard, but could have done a little better.
“We weren’t completely on our game this time. We could have worked a little harder on our defence, and even our offence was a little lacking.”
Hurley has been playing basketball since she was in Grade 6. She has practised hard all her life.
“I know the team and I practised really hard for years to get to where we are today. Today just wasn’t our day.”
The game started with Bluefield scoring from the two-point line. They continued to stay in the lead throughout the first quarter. At the end of the first quarter the score was 23-13 for Bluefield.
By the end of the second quarter the score had reached 39-33 for Bluefield.
During the third quarter, Jordon Havenga was hurt, but she remained on the bench for the remainder of the game.
When the fourth quarter started the score was 56-44 for Bluefield.
The Raiders called a short time-out which gave their coach, Tressa Lloyd, a moment to speak with them.
After the time-out, the Raider began to play with what energy they had left. The score came close at one point, but Bluefield pulled ahead by a wide margin once again.
The game ended with a score of 69-52 for Bluefield.