Mount Allison students deserve more answers second week of strikes

By Mitchell Peters
Feb. 14, 2014

The second week of the strike at Mount Allison is about to finish. Fourth-year student Colin Vale said he expects it to endure a little bit longer. Students are growing restless, finding ways to fill the time and still remain on top of work and independent study.
“I have heard that some students are very involved and organized in committees about the strike,” said Vale.
The administration services has here at Mount Allison has been great with keeping the students informed about upcoming news and information regarding the strike.
This is only a recent thing with the administration said Mount Allison student Alex Thomas. Him and a few other students performed a 170-student survey. They asked students if they were satisfied about the info they were getting abut the strike. The consensus was: no, students were not satisfied with what they were hearing back from the administration. Thomas said it was a message to both sides that students would not remain passive any longer. Upset with the amount of info they were getting some students took matter into their own hands.
Thomas said the idea emerged around the time Provost and Vice-President Academic & Research, Karen Grant compared concerned students to fans in a NHL lockout. She said it was not their place to be involved in these issues. Thomas said it was a major upset to some students. They felt they were not at all like fans in a lockout, and they deserved more answers. After all they are the ones paying the professors salaries and paying for school, he said.
“We weren’t happy with the info the student union or administration were giving us. In the beginning they saw students as mutual,” said Thomas
He has made a website to compile all information on the strike under one area. The goal is to provide a main stage for strike info.