A ‘tail’ of two Furries – Young couple finds new meaning in animal magnetism

Star, left. and Ferrix have been together for two months after finding each other online. Kaylynn Paynter photo.
Star, left. and Ferrix have been together for two months after finding each other online. Kaylynn Paynter photo.
By Kaylynn Paynter
Feb. 25, 2014

They’re a young couple sitting together in a coffee shop.
They giggle and laugh as they thumb through photos of themselves on their cellphones.
“I love this picture of us,” one of them says as they point the phone towards the other.
“That one’s nice, but this one is my favourite,” the other responds. They look at the picture and giggle, one affectionately placing their hand in the other’s.
Their laughter must be contagious.
Many of the other people in the coffee shop are laughing and smiling too.
It could be seeing such a young couple enjoying each other’s company touches them.
Or, it could be this young couple consists of a giant white housecat named Star and a playfully purple Ferrox-fox-ferret- named Ferrix. Star and Ferrix wished for their real names to not be used for this article.
Star and Ferrix are known as Furries. They are part of a subculture interested in dressing as various animals that display human personalities and characteristics.
Every member of the Furry fandom has his or her own adopted character, a fursona.
Ferrix, who has been a Furry for 10 years said a person’s fursona is just a reflection of your personality.
Star and Ferrix were first introduced to each other a couple months ago after exchanging messages on an online dating site. They discovered each other’s involvement in the Furry community by coincidence.
This common bond only strengthened their bond for each other and the rest is history.
“We talked for about two weeks and then I finally asked him out. We’ve been together ever since,” said Star.
Once the two young men decided they wanted to be together they faced an obstacle of uncertainty. Distance.
While Ferrix lives on P.E.I., Star lives in Halifax. The two have decided to travel back and forth so they can be together.
“At first we had uncertainties, but we both knew we wanted this to work, so we do what we have to,” Star said.
They met for the first time a couple weeks ago when Ferrix travelled to Halifax to visit Star.
“I was so nervous to meet him,” said Star.
Not Ferrix.
“I wasn’t nervous at all, I was excited more than anything. I just wanted to see him.”
While Star and Ferrix both realize the idea of being a Furry couple is unconventional, they said they don’t mind the looks and stares from other people and the reception has been mainly positive.
“People love it. Look at these pictures and look at their faces, they love it,” Star said, flashing a picture on his phone.
“Kids love it too. Last year the P.E.I. Furries did Canada Day down at Victoria Park and they had us up onstage and everything,” said Ferrix.
“Basically the point of a Furry is just to be cute, to be yourself and not be self-conscious.”
The decision to become a Furry nearly a decade ago is one that has improved his overall quality of life and he wouldn’t change it for anything, he said.
“It’s almost a way of maintaining your childhood innocence so you can be a kid again. I’m happier now than I was before.”
One of the best things for Ferrix is having someone to share that childlike happiness with.
“It was no fun by myself, I found I just wanted to enjoy it with somebody else,” he said.
Star agrees.
“Well Ferrix, you don’t have to worry about that now because I’m not going anywhere.”
Star places his furry paw on top of Ferrix’s and the two exchange what one can only assume to be heartfelt smiles from beneath their masks.