Students at Holland College are told, you are not alone

Lillian Jazlyn MacLeod
Feb. 7, 2014

Doug Currie makes clear that mental health is no different than any other difficulties people may experience.
“Staff here at the college is ready to help whenever they can.”
At the Mental Health for All meeting held Feb. 3 in the Holland College gym, the province’s health minister said a few words on behalf of the Canadian Mental Health Association.
“Mental health is extremely important component of our health.”
Anything can cause mental health issues, including finances, relationships and education, Currie said.
“There is no magic solution. It is an issue we all must work together to embrace.”
Reid Burke, executive director of the Canadian Mental Health Association, assures people mental health is not a death sentence.
“You can develop strategies to maintain mental health.”
Burke encouraged people to seek help and know that mental health issues are not embarrassing, as some people believe.
“We have to believe people when they come forward and say they suffer from mental health.”
Amanda Brazil, director of programs and policy with the Canadian Mental Health Association in P.E.I. said the group let’s everyone know that people’s experiences with mental health issues are different.
“We’re all individuals and we all cope differently.”
Everyone deals with mental health issues and not all stressful situations are bad situations, citing having a baby or planning a wedding as examples, said Brazil.
“Depression is an illness, not a character flaw and not a weakness. The sooner someone gets help, the better the outcome.”