Michelle Hart’s future on hold as Mount A strike drags on

By James Kelly
Feb. 11, 2014

Michelle Hart hopes this will be her final year at Mount Allison. The fourth-year student hopes the strike that began Jan. 26 will not get in the way.
“I do not know any teachers opposed to the strike, but I know all the teachers striking.”
Faculty at Mount Allison university went on strike Jan. 27. The key issues for the strike are workload, salaries, pensions, and benefits.
Faculty said students are to benefit in the end, and they want to create a better learning environment for them.
Hart agrees with the faculty’s cause.
“I believe teachers should definitely be given more access to certain things in order to help their students. Currently teachers have the right to hide evaluations from students, and this is unacceptable. Students should be able to evaluate in order to help themselves in the end.”
Heather Baglole is also a fourth-year student at Mount Allison. She said she does not want to take sides, but has been doing some things to help.
“I’ve been staying mostly neutral, but this week some theatre friends and I have been organizing a political theatre piece on the side of the students. Ultimately, we are the ones who have been left without a voice.”
Baglole agrees with the faculty and said she believes their causes are reasonable.
“While money is always a concern, the roots of their cause seem to go deeper. I have been witness to the large over-turn of part-time professors and I think the university desperately needs to hire some tenured professors to build a better system of education.”