Liberals leading recent polls thanks to Justin Trudeau

By Maureen Coulter
Feb. 6, 2014

Recent opinion polls show Liberals are leading the Tories and NDP with Justin Trudeau’s approval ratings far exceeding Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s.
A new poll by Abacus Data suggests most Canadians voters favour Justin Trudeau becoming the next prime minister.
Don Desserud, a political studies professor at UPEI, said he can’t get a handle on why Trudeau is doing so well.
“Justin is a puzzle.”
Desserud said he has two theories as to why Trudeau’s numbers are so strong in the polls.
First, said Desserud, Trudeau does very well in comparison to Stephen Harper and NDP leader Tom Muclair.
“Neither are warm and fuzzy.”
Harper and Muclair remind you of the schoolteacher you respected but were afraid of, said Desserud.
“We are at an age where we crave a softer image.”
Second, said Desserud, over the past eight years, many people feel betrayed. They feel like Harper hasn’t been honest and keeping his promises.
“Trudeau is so open. Incapable of deceit.”
People like that about him. It works for him that way, he said.
“He has no poker face. You can read him.”
However, Desserud said he doesn’t feel Trudeau’s disarmingly honest approach is going to work for his campaign.
“The opposition will attack him.”
Malpeque MP Wayne Easter said the current government does character assassination.
“The negative attack machine of Harper hasn’t worked.”
Easter said Trudeau is a positive force for the Liberal party.
“Justin is very charismatic. People don’t give him enough credit.”
Easter said Trudeau loves to do work that tries to improve people’s daily lives.
“He’s positive, relates to people, and does things differently.”
Easter said polls are a reflection of a point in time.
“Justin reflects a closeness to the ground you don’t always see in leaders.”