Hurricanes end their losing streak

By Jillian Trainor
Feb. 5, 2014

It was a tough battle between the Holland College Hurricanes and the Montague Maniacs Feb. 3 at the arena in Pownal, Prince Edward Island. JP Provencher’s overtime goal gave the Hurricanes a 4-3 win.

By the end of the third period, the teams were tied with a score of 3-3.

The Hurricanes made a break for the Maniac’s goal and with two minutes and 24 seconds left, Provencher scored.

Hurricane fans went wild.

“It was an unbelievable shot and I was happy to see it go in,” said Ryan Maxwell, head coach of the Hurricanes.

Maxwell said it was a crazy game.

“I thought our guys played hard. We had our moments and our lapses, but we battled right to the end.”

From the start, it was clear both teams meant business. The first period was a lot of back and forth, with both teams trying several teams for a goal, neither one succeeding.

Then with three minutes and 42 seconds left Adam Gardner, scored the night’s first goal.

“I’ve been in a slump lately, so it was pretty exciting,” he said.

“It just kind of went behind the net and I saw the goalie was out of his crease, I just figured I’d fire it towards the front of the net, it bounced off of him and it went in.”

Going into the second period, both teams were taking some hard shots, with the pucks flying so high it was almost like they were playing volleyball instead of hockey.

By the end of the second period, the score was still 1-0 for the Hurricanes.

That was about to change.

Less than 30 seconds into the third period, the Maniacs scored their first goal. About two minutes later, they scored again. It was now 2-1 with the Maniacs in the lead.

Nine it was thought that the Maniacs scored again, but after the referees had a discussion, it was determined the goal didn’t count.

“They scored a goal, which even we thought was a goal until we realized that the net was off when the puck went in the net,” said Maxwell.

“Actually, they scored two goals where the net was off, which allowed us to kind of get ourselves back in the game and give us some momentum.”

The Hurricanes used that momentum to their advantage, scoring again and tying the game, but the Maniacs weren’t going to give in. With under four minutes to go, they scored again.

You could almost taste the tension in the air.

With a little over a minute left in the game, the Hurricanes tied the game and kept it that way until the final buzzer.

Gardner said it was pretty nice getting the tying goal so late in the third period.

“I think once that happened we had a lot more momentum and we kind of knew once overtime started that we were going to end up winning the game because we had all the momentum going into it.”

He said usually for the past two years, once an opposing team would score on them, they would usually get down and it was more or less ‘game over’.

“The last few games we’ve been battling back and we’ve been working really hard and perseverance paid out because we just stuck in there and managed to get the win.”

Maxwell said the team has had a tough stretch of losing games, which can bring on a lot of negativity, but the team has been doing its best to stay positive.

“With our win over Sherwood and Montague, who were both ahead of us in the standings, two good teams, it just builds a lot of confidence and momentum moving forward.”