Hey this metal music isn’t so bad after all

By James Ferguson
Jan. 15, 2014

Livia Oatway is a country music fan. Metal music isn’t her thing.
So she was surprised during Death Valley Driver’s set, at a show with Wildcat, Colour Code and HC Outreach Music Ensemble on Jan. 31 in Charlottetown.
She liked it. Oatway has become a big fan of Death Valley Driver since their performance.
The band worked hard at putting on a good show, she said. She was stunned how much the band was involved with the fans.
“I don’t often listen to metal music because I don’t like it much, but Death Valley Driver definitely impressed me with their performance. I really hope another show comes sooner than later.”
Dan Hodgson, the singer for Death Valley Driver, said he was happy with the performance.
“The kids were receptive and I really like the venue. Lots of back and forth energy. We were glad to take part in the event and I hope the same excitement comes the next show.”
As for possibilities of another all-ages show involving Death Valley Driver, Hodgson said he doesn’t see why not.
“The show turned out well. I really liked mixing the genres but I’m not the one who books the shows. It’s the decision to the booking agents to decide.”