Canadian Improv Games underway

By James Kelly
Feb. 4, 2014

Michelle Hart stood on a stage in Moncton, N.B., during the opening night of the Canadian Improv Games zone playoffs.
She looked out into the crowd as she announced the participating teams. As their names were called, ten high school teams from New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island took to the stage.
Improv is a style of acting where everything is improvised. It usually is comedic and Hart said it’s something everyone can do.
“My favourite thing about the Canadian Improv Games is how friendly and personal the community can get.”
The Canadian Improv Games started on the weekend of Feb. 1. The regionals will run until Feb. 15, and the winning teams will advance to nationals.
The games happen every year starting with zone competitions and finishing with nationals.
Hart is a regional director for the zones of New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. She sets up the zone playoffs and helps referee the games.
“Recently we changed the structure on how performances are laid out. Before there were regionals, where all teams from both provinces performed over two nights. Now it is split into three nights, one for Prince Edward Island teams and one for each of the New Brunswick teams, east and west.”
Hart said the teams were all wonderful and so were the volunteers.
“All the teams did spectacular and I want to thank all of the volunteers who helped out as well. They made our job a lot easier.”
Heather Baglole is studying drama in her fourth year at Mount Allison University. She has participated in the Canadian Improv Games many times.
“I enjoy the sense of community that is a natural product of Improv. Everyone is scared, making things up off the top of their head. The hilarity of it creates a unique bond.”
Baglole is focusing on screenwriting more than acting these days.
She said she likes writing about relationships, and she hopes to continue playwriting and producing shows wherever she lives.
“Last year I did some workshops in ‘contact Improv’, which is an improvised movement-type of Improv that helps you connect with other people.”