Students in a rage over lazy parking lot etiquette

By Rosie Townshend-Carter
Jan. 31, 2014

We’ve all been there. Rushing to school with only minutes to spare, to realize your usual parking lot has filled up and it has left you with a ten minute brisk walk to the class your already late for.
It seems that these series of unfortunate events are only magnified when the snow blows or the rain falls.
Lately, at Holland College, the administration has been dealing with a large number of complaints from students about parking. Most complaints are about being blocked in or narrowly missing an illegally parked car.
“We’ve been trying for years to enforce the rules,” said Justin Dunn, Facilities Management at Holland College.
At UPEI, parking passes run up to $186 for a designated lot. For general lots, it costs around $116. The parking lots at UPEI are generally located in the back of the University away from the main quad, forcing some people to take a long walk. Free parking and moderately close lots leave Holland College students fortunate.
Dunn says the last 4 weeks have been hard for the college. Administration has had to have illegally parked cars towed, at the owners expense.
“We feel horrible about the towing, we know they are students but we have to think about the 160 others that they may be blocking.”
Emily Mcdearmid, Vice-President of the Prince of Wales centre, at Holland College, sympathizes with students.
“I have received many complaints about parking and people making parking spots up.”
Parking seems to only be an issue in Charlottetown. Meghan Hebert, a nursing student at the Summerside campus says parking is a breeze.
“There’s a lot of it, I can always find a spot.”
As for people parking illegally, the only problem the campus has ever faced was people using the handicapped spots located near the doors.
The only way to solve the parking issue at Holland College is to encourage students to have proper driving etiquette and prepare for a brisk walk to class.