Death Valley Driver a headliner during Music P.E.I.

By James Ferguson
Jan. 20, 2014

Death Valley Driver, a heavy metal band from P.E.I., is headlining a concert on Friday for Music P.E.I. at Solid Rock Café.
This will be their first all-ages show since the opening of the Charlottetown Refinery, which closed its doors back in mid-2012.
Olivia King, a member of the Solid Rock Café staff, said working with so many important people involved with Music P.E.I. is exciting but also scary.
“The show will be great though, as long as we get a few avid listeners.”
Ray Blaquiere, rhythm guitarist of Death Valley Driver, said he is looking forward in doing an all-ages show, as it has been quite awhile since their last one.
“Most of guys in the band are a little older so we’ve always been a little outside of the all-ages scene.”
Blaquiere said he is hoping it will be a full house but it is always hard to tell for any show. Sometimes a band plays to a few hundred, sometimes to a dozen.
“Either way, people paid to support the bands and be there for the bands and a show is what they should get, regardless of how many people are there.”
Seamus Walker, a crowd-goer for the concert, said hopefully there will be a good crowd. It’s nice to see lots of people show up for some groovy live music.
“I expect the crowd to be right into it. Respectful dancing is in order, for sure!”
Blaquiere said the band members pride themselves on delivering the groove, to get people into it, regardless of who they are.
“It’s hard to tell though, as I have found different crowds tend to enjoy their live music quite differently. For some of them, it may be their first time seeing us live, so the work is on us to make sure they enjoy what they see and hear, and hopefully become fans.”
The other acts that will be sharing the stage are the Holland College Outreach Music Ensemble, Colour Code and Wildcat.
The event is chem-free.