Ahearn earns Summerside volunteer of the year award

By Stephanie Drummond
Jan. 28, 2014

Roger Ahearn received Summerside’s volunteer of the year award at the monthly council meeting Jan. 20, 2014.
Ahearn was shocked to hear he had received the award.
“Thank you very much. Certainly something I didn’t anticipate. I was told we were here for something else.”
Ahearn has coached many teams over the years and said he is proud to be a Summerside resident.
“I’m very proud of where I live.”
Coun. Tina Mundy said keeping the secret was hard for her.
“When we were told tonight and told to keep it a secret, when I walked by you, it was the hardest secret to keep. I just wanted to congratulate you. I need a hug before you leave.”
Mayor Basil Stewart told the council about a trip the two took 20 years ago in a bid for the world softball championships.
“We had guitars set up in that hotel for seven days. We just kept playing. It was a blast.”
Coun. Cory Thomas also congratulated Ahearn.
“I got to know Roger when I worked for the town of Kensington. I really appreciate everything you do for the community. Well deserved.”
Coun. Jim Steele also congratulated Ahearn.
“You’ve always dedicated yourself to everything you do.”