Team of students heading to New York City

By Laura Hines
Jan. 17, 2014

Amy Wells is going to New York City in May.
She’s not going alone. The Graphic Design student is part of a group of students who will travel May 12 – 16 to New York for a Creative Minds event through EF Tours.
‘I’m excited, I think it’ll be a cool experience to get to go see all the artsy places I wouldn’t normally go to with my family,” Wells said.
Instructor April Condon said the tour includes visiting theatre productions and museums to get a feel for the NYC art culture.
The big drive for students participating in the trip is going to the Museum of Modern art and Guggenheim, said Condon.
“It’s very clear it’s an art-focused trip.”
To help finance the trip the group plans some fundraisers, including a bake sale held Jan. 17 at the Holland College, Charlottetown Centre.
Wells organized the fundraiser, said Condon.
The group is considering a car wash fundraiser, said Tiffany McMillan.
There is talk of more fundraisers including selling custom painted birdhouses and a concert put on by students, said Wells.
“We’re still in the works of stuff.”
Wells said she can be contacted by Facebook or in room 31C of the Charlottetown Centre.
Any students attending Holland College who are interested in the trip may still sign up prior to Feb. 7, said Condon.
“The trip is specific for people who take an interest in art.”
The trip will give students an opportunity to experience art first-hand, said Condon.
“We need 25 more people to fill the bus, 12 students have confirmed.”
The trip is specific for people who take an interest in art, more information is on the Facebook page ‘NYC for Creative Minds
There are several ways to sign up. Students may enrol online by entering the tour number 1539626UU at Call EF’s dedicated Customer Service number at 1-877-387-9887 and with the tour number. Fax page 18 of the EF Traveller application to 1-877-387-6060. Mail page 18 of the EF Traveller application using the prepaid envelope provided.
There is an initial deposit of $99 required to secure a spot for the trip.
If there are 35-39 participants in the trip, the fee will be $932, with 40-50 participants the fee will be reduced to $849.
There is an optional comprehensive insurance available for the trip for just $60.
If the trip doesn’t have enough people signed up by Feb. 7, there are a few things that Condon will consider. They could either look into flying to New York, holding the trip off until a later date, or change the location of the trip to a place such as Paris or Italy for a few years so there would be more time to fundraise, said Condon.
“The more time we have to fundraise the more time we have to save.”
More information on this trip is available at their Facebook page, NYC for Creative Minds or through Wells in room 31c.
Condon took five students on a trip three years ago to Barcelona with the group kept specific to Media Communication students. The success inspired this trip to be open to more students, said Condon.
“It’s a nice way to end the college experience.”