Holland College students say they are ready for winter to end

By Melora McInnis
Jan. 24, 2014

Winter on P.E.I. has been cold and snowy. Many Islanders say they are ready for warm weather to hit.
The Island has received an above-average snowfall of 66.6 cm in the month of December.
A Holland College instructor said he thinks Islanders have been good with preparing for the cold season.
“We’re pretty quick to react to an off –season,” said Andrew Maclaine.
He said just because the weather has not been easy to deal with, it is possible it didn’t result from changing climate.
“Although I’m sure it is, we can’t be quick to judge.”
Holland College student Samantha Martin is concerned about the children from Holland College daycare playing in the cold,
“I don’t think the kids should be out playing in it. It’s too cold. I seen one kid and his face was all red.”
Many students are concerned about missing classes and on the job training at Holland College.
“I don’t want there to be snowstorms so I can get through O.J.T.” said Holland College student Sasha Dunphy.