Marijuana facilities may be built in Charlottetown

By Maureen Coulter
Jan. 15, 2014

Charlottetown city council wants to be ready to accommodate production facilities for medical marijuana.
During the monthly meeting Monday, Couns. Rob Lantz and Jason Coady asked council to consider amending the zoning bylaw to accommodate a medical marijuana facility.
The city has not yet received any applications for such a facility.
The production facilities will only be permitted within Heavy Industrial N2 Zone and the Business Industrial N3 Zone.
Lantz said this a response to federal legislation enacted in June that creates marijuana for medical purposes regulations.
“It is certainly a legal land use under federal legislation.”
The city is trying to be proactive to define legitimate land use in the bylaw, he said.
“Extremely secure facilities of an industrial nature.”
Lantz said this would not weaken the secure settings on the neighbourhoods.
“It would not infringe on residential neighbourhoods.”
Also on the agenda for discussion was Spring Park United church.
Coun. Edward Rice, chairman of water and sewer utility, said the utility has requested that the mayor place on the agenda availability charges on the sewer and water utility policy.
Rice wondered if Spring Park United could combine sewer separation in the second year of construction of the three-year program.
Program consultants are now finalizing plans for work to be tendered for 2014. They hope to be complete by the end of 2014, he said.
“At this time, the city and the province have committed funding to the remaining construction of the cost share of the three levels of government.”
However, said Rice, at this time they do no have confirmation about federal funding.
During early testing results show that additional wells will be required, he said.
“As far as the water supply goes, well drilling and testing continues.”
More than 3 million dollars will be based on the project estimations, he said.
The city is looking to build a band shell at Victoria Park close to the cannons and the gateway on Brighton Road.
Coun. Melissa Hilton of parks, recreation and leisure activities updated council about the company responsible for upcoming designs.
Coun. Mitchell Tweel raised his concerns on the band shell. He wondered what kind of signal it sends out to host events at Victoria Park.
“Are they major or minor? What we consider minor could be considered major for the community.”
Tweel asked if the venue on Grafton Street East could accomplish the same thing. It could hold big and minor events, large or small crowds, he said.
“There are some who would not be interested in a band shell being constructed there.”
Hilton said it would be a meeting place for small events.
“It is not going to be a large-scale band shell.”
Tweel asked Hilton if the band shell would look like the one at Confederation landing.
Hilton said some sketches will come forward for the band shell and council will have a chance to vote on the size.
Lantz added it would be an area for the public and it would not obscure the view on the water.
“I don’t envision this as a band stand that’s for sure. Might be a minor musical event.”
It would be a good place for buskers, he said.
“It’s not supposed to be situated for a large audience to view it.”
Coun. Cecil Villard, administrative services, said a meeting in regards to the cuts of veteran’s affairs was well attended.
Villard wants to reinforce the consequences these cuts are going to make to veterans.
Villard said he has been trying to contact Julian Fantino, minister of Veterans Affairs, with no response from him at all.
“It’s disheartening when one level of government doesn’t wish to communicate with another level of government.”
The cuts to Veterans Affairs will be imposed by the end of January and it will affect the whole province, he said.
“We need to engage in conversation with him.”
Villard has tried all medians available with no success at all.
“We will continue to try to get ahold of him.”
Tweel said he had also attended that meeting at the Legion.
“It was pretty disheartening for the veterans.”
Tweel put forth a resolution that was passed by council to request a meeting with two federal cabinet ministers, Gail Shea and Julian Fantino, for an open council meeting with them.
“Would send a clear unequivocal message that this council means business day.”
Remembrance day is every day, 365 days a year said Tweel.