Making money on YouTube – The goal is to find a way to go viral (it’s not easy)

By James Kelly
Jan. 13, 2014

Some people are making more money than someone with a full-time job, simply by uploading a single video to a video-sharing website each day.
Kitt Carey works on YouTube and focuses on something as simple as playing video games and commentating over the video footage.
“You have a wide variety of what people post on YouTube from random videos about cats to gaming to sports and interviews.
“Starting from scratch, you’re going to either bounce up immediately with a viral video or it’s going to take some time to gain some loyal followers to subscribe to your channel and have them come back and watch every one of your videos.”
Carey has a partnership with an online network, which pays him.
“YouTube doesn’t exactly pay you until you get a partnership. After you get partnered with them they’ll place ads on your videos.”
For every view of the video with an ad on it, he said you’ll get a part of the revenue for that ad.
Carey said he believes anyone can become popular on YouTube, as long as they express their talent.
“I’d certainly recommend someone with a passion for video-making and editing to try it out for sure. Everyone can do it and it doesn’t take very much in order to get started. Who knows? You may just be the next big thing.”
Carey puts only a little time of his day into YouTube, though he spends more time recording and editing his videos.
“I usually only put in about 10 hours or so a week into YouTube, but keep in mind that involves recording, editing and posting the videos that I make. Sometimes it could be 15-20 hours and sometimes I only spend five hours on YouTube a week.”
Daniel Strongman has just started his YouTube channel, but is uploading videos of him playing video games very frequently.
A wide variety of people are interested in video games in today’s society. Many of them enjoy watching others play and add jokes along the way. It is entertaining to those who enjoy watching the game as well as listening to comedy at the same time.
The fact that people like watching these types of videos so much explains why they would be fine with sitting through an advertisement before the video, which is why the advertisements work so well to make money.
Strongman has 37 videos uploaded on his channel, viewable to the public, and has 15 people subscribing to him, in order to be notified when he posts a new video.
“I watched other people make videos and thought it looked like a lot of fun to produce things that others could enjoy, so I decided to start my own YouTube channel.”
Strongman said no matter what, he will keep trying to become popular on YouTube.
“In the next three years I see my channel being quite popular, maybe not one of the top but a lot more popular than what it is.”