Holland College gets first cheerleading team

By Lillian Jazlyn MacLeod
Jan. 17, 2014

Kaylah Knockwood has participated in cheerleading for the past nine years of her life. Now an early childhood care and education student, she has decided to bring cheerleading to Holland College.
When a girl in Knockwood’s class showed interest in the idea she jumped at the chance to try to get a team started, thinking more girls would like to try it out.
“I guess I was right.”
With help from fellow student, Pili Nemer, and Holland College staff such as Albert Roche, a team was created.
About 25 girls are on the team at the moment, but if more become interested she will definitely consider more, Knockwood said.
“It is such a great sport that not a lot of people in P.E.I. really know about. I hope to sometime next year go off island to competitions.”
No previous cheerleading experience is needed to be on the team.
“Everyone starts off with no experience and there are so many girls I know now that are amazing cheerleaders. It takes practise just as any other sport would.”
Madisen Goodwin, 19-year-old in early childhood education student from Digby, N.S., has never tried cheerleading before and is excited to start.
“It’s going to be fun to learn a new sport and make new friends.”
Goodwin always wanted to be a cheerleader, but she’s from a small town with no cheer teams around.
“I’m not intimidated by others who know how to cheer. Kaylah and Pili are both great girls and I know that their going to teach me a lot.”
Goodwin is not sure what to expect from cheerleading.
“I know this year is going to be about establishing a club and learning what cheer is all about and starting to work together as a team. I hope moving forward into next year we’ll be at a place where we can compete and work hard for our goals.”
Olivia Ledson, a 19-year-old tourism student from Windsor, N.S., was excited to get back into cheerleading.
“I’ve done cheerleading for four years. It’s one of my favourite sports and it’s really good and you get really fit. Other universities have cheerleading and I think our school cheer team is a good idea and will represent well.”