Winter parking an issue on campus

By Stephanie Drummond
Jan. 9, 2014

December’s storms have made parking around the Holland College campus a challenge for some.
Parts of the campus parking lots are filled with snow and some sidewalks are covered in ice.
Student Maria Cameron said finding a parking spot is almost impossible.
“Drive around for 15 minutes, to walk another 15 minutes to the building. It makes me feel violent.”
Some people are making their own parking spots.
“I love how there’s spots up there [Kent Street] with power lines coming down and they still park there. An SUV too,” said Cody Donovan.
With a layer of ice on the parking lot, it can be hard to distinguish one parking spot from the next.
“People need to learn how to park,” said Jeremy Martin.
Cassie Gallant had her car blocked in on the first day back after Christmas.
“I got blocked in the other day for an hour and a half.”
Most students are finding it hard to find a spot but others are prepared.
“Kinda have to come early,” Sasha Dunphy said.
Mitchell Bernard doesn’t think it’s too bad either.
“There’s not enough of it [parking].”