Stratford town council discuss pesticide use, snow removal

Stratford town councilors discuss business at January meeting. Mitchell Peters photo.
Stratford town councilors discuss business at January meeting. Mitchell Peters photo.
By Mitchell Peters
Jan. 9, 2014

Recent snowstorms caused concerns about snow removal in Stratford. Coun. Randy Cooper said during the town’s monthly meeting last night, he was pleased with how the snow removal has been going.
“We’ve had an abnormal winter. Some people expect summertime conditions in the winter.”
A major concern has been walkways and parking lots. There has been more snow than last year but less drifts.
From a financial standpoint, Cooper said the snow removal services have been doing an excellent job. He said a request was made to reduce the height of a snow bank leading on to the Trans-Canada highway.
Local resident Eric McMurray raised the concern about the height of snow banks for low-riding vehicles at a previous council meeting.
Stratford won levee of the year for 2013, and will be looking to win it for a second year in a row.
There was music at the presentation as well as players from the Island storm, a major event for the town.
Area residents raised concern about the cosmetic use of pesticides in the Stratford last November. The issue is provincial but the town is allowed to vote on a bylaw to prohibit the use of pesticides in the area. The council decided to add some additional questions about cosmetic pesticide use in the town’s annual survey.
“I was scared for my life but luckily they cleared the snow banks Tuesday evening,” McMurray said in a post-council meeting interview.
Last night McMurray thanked the council for great work with the snow banks last night.
A bottle drive is scheduled for Jan. 11, 2014, organized by a local teen, Alex Furi.
Furi is hoping to raise money to buy Dungeons and Dragons games for the Stratford Youth-Can-Do program. It was initially planned for earlier in the month but due to all of the bad weather it was moved to Saturday, Jan.11.