Cold winter weather leaves students scrambling to cope

By Stephanie Drummond
Jan. 9, 2014

Winter temperatures are hovering around -10 leaving students to deal with the cold walk to school.
Many students have taken their hats and mittens out of storage, and are wearing extra layers for warmth.
But Jamie Arsenault finds mittens aren’t enough.
“I just got my hats and mitts out, and I was still freezing walking up. I was crying all the way.”
Cassie Gallant is wearing thicker clothing, but she worries about the ice on the sidewalks.
“They need some salt. I saw some young guy wipe out, I felt so bad.”
Cody Donovan is trying to stay inside as much as possible because last year he fell on the sidewalk.
“I slipped on the sidewalk and sprained my wrist. It really hurt.”
Kristen Tait takes the bus to school and walks from there. She finds layering works best.
“I have to walk from the bus, so in layers, lots of layers.”
Maria Cameron isn’t impressed with the cold temperatures either.
“Hate it! Bundle up.”
But Alex Relkoff isn’t complaining about the temperatures.
“I’m from the Yukon, so I’m pretty used to it.”