A New Year and a new start – students’ hopes and “nopes” for resolutions

By William MacPhee
Jan. 15, 2014

With the passing of New Year’s and the ascension into 2014, the buzz around certain Holland College circles is how they intend to make the most of the upcoming year.
A survey was conducted among 10 random students. Seven of the 10 students had set a goal for themselves to meet this year. Three had not set a resolution to meet.
Patrick Malone is a student in the Sports and Leisure department. He has high hopes for his future in playing rugby.
“I want to lose weight; get in better shape for rugby.”
Malone’s friend, Josh Chaulk, has a different attitude toward New Year’s resolutions. When asked, he laughed before answering.
“I don’t believe in that crap.”
Daniel Perry and Haily Kelly are students in the Foundations program. They also have some inspiring goals set for themselves this year.
“I want to meet new people,” Perry said. “It can be pretty hard, having Autism.”
Perry said his goal has been successful so far. Ever since leaving high school, he’s made many new friends in his program.
Kelly has plans to pursue a vegetarian diet.
“I’m trying to eat healthier,” she said.
It will be a smooth transition for Kelly – she enjoys eating vegetables already, Caesar salad being one of her favourite foods.